From taquerías to deep-sea fishing or enjoying the sand bar, this sun-drenched destination has something for everyone. Here are the most enjoyable and top things to do in Cabo Mexico.

The most enjoyable and top things to doin cabo, at the southern tip of Baja California Sur where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, Los Cabos is a flourishing tourist destination that grabs the world’s attention. There are loads of exciting things to do in Cabo San Lucas. The difference between the desert and the ocean creates a fascinating scenery, which can best be seen by exploring Mount Solmar at sunset or by getting out on the water. Are you ready?

  1. El Arco

What is it? It is a natural archway sinuous granite rock formations that have become a picture-perfect figure of Cabo San Lucas.

Why visit? Beautiful rock formation and you can typically spot sea lions inhabit this rocky coastline. 

los cabos arch yacht tour
  1. Whale Shark Watching

What is it? Do you want to meet the largest fish in the world? Then whale shark watching in Cabo San Lucas is a must-try. Experience a close encounter with these big mammals in one of the only places in the world.

Why visit? From December to April in Los Cabos is a period where humpback whales migrate down to tropical waters off Mexico’s Pacific Coast to calve. Also, most vessels placed hydrophones so you can hear the humpbacks’ whalesong.

whale watch
  1. Cactus ATV Tours

What is it? Head out and hop in an all-terrain vehicle and experience the Cabo desert with your friends to see the desert, mountains and dunes.

Why visit? For a great adventure, you should try Cactus ATV (all-terrain vehicle) tours. This adventure tour will lead you to remarkable natural scenery. It will take two-and-a-half hours and include all equipment.

cabo atv

4. Deep-Sea Fishing is another one of the top things to do in cabo

What is it? Cabo San Lucas is famous around the world for its sportfishing. It is the perfect choice for any traveling angler. Its waters are full of world-class billfish like Tuna, Snapper, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and more. 

Why visit? Cabo San Lucas is a great place for deep-sea fishing. Cabo is home to a colorful variety of charter options with excellent quality of service, so head down to the marina and rent your charter for the day.

Marlin Fish

5. Cuisine

What is it? If you are a food lover, you should try out the gourmet food that Cabo San Lucas has to offer. Your taste buds will be happy trying an endless choice of mouth-watering cuisines. 

Why visit? Cabo San Lucas offers a variety of tastes and budgets. It does not only provide tasty traditional local cuisine but also a wide range of international restaurants offering high-class gastronorm dishes.

cabo cuisine

6. Cabo Zipline

What is it? Mexico’s longest, fastest, the highest zipline. If you’re looking for a lot of adventure to your Cabo stay, there is no better choice than Cabo Zip Line Adventure.

Why visit? Cabo San Lucas zip line rides will give you a new and breathtaking view. Enjoy a 4,000-foot line over a Unesco protected biosphere reserve at 60 mph.

cabo ziline

7. La Coyota

What is it? If you are visiting Los Cabos, don’t miss La Coyota, it is a picturesque and uniquely Mexican shopping village.

Why visit? If you are looking for the quality and diversity of items, then you will find it here. From hand-embroidered crafts, Mexican art and beautiful ceramics

la coyota