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Los Cabos crystalline water, tropical weather, great winds, and idyllic docks are the perfect setting for your sailing holiday to remember. Los Cabos and its neighboring islands have unique local attractions, where you have the chance to spend some time ashore, visit architectural ruins, swim in a Cenotes, or visit a local market. Alo, water activities like snorkeling and diving in the Los Cabos are magnificent.

Cabo Sailing is an excellent sailing company in Cabo, offering the best sailing experience for our customers. We are a fun and friendly, customer-oriented sailboat charter service and sailing tour company. We pride ourselves on giving the most manageable and private sailboat charters.

Why Charter With Us?

Each charter yacht is provided with vast space and excellent amenities to guarantee that your sailing experience is as pleasurable as it gets. Whether you desire to celebrate on the waters of Los Cabos or to the shores of the neighboring islands, Cabo Sailing is committed to giving you with nothing short of perfection.

Why Choose Us

Unequaled Yacht Service 

We aim to make your vacation experience as seamless and unwinding as possible. We always ensure that you feel confident and comfortable for a stress-free start during your sailing holiday. Should you need support while out on the water, rest guaranteed to offer you the best service.

Also, we always ensure that our customers will surely enjoy an eco-friendly sailing trip with an added thrill in various activities such as sightseeing, snorkeling, partying, swimming, and many more. With this, our yacht cruises are equipped with complete sailing essentials, including high-quality snorkeling gear. Cabo Sailing provides public tours and private ones for that VIP experience. There is unlimited access to premium drinks and Mexican snacks from our menu or upon guest requests.

In Cabo Sailing, the safety and enjoyment of our guests are our priority. We make sure all our facilities are clean and functional. Our benches and seats are fully cushioned, and there are air-conditioned rooms for everyone’s cozy lounging comfort. A sailing trip is not complete without a fantastic crew. Cabo Sailing has the friendliest and highly trained crew who are flexible for all guest types. Our team has also secured all permits, insurance, and safety requirements mandated by the law, making sure that all our guest has no reason to doubt our excellent services.

Whether you are with your friends or family, may it be in small or big groups, make all occasions more exciting with Cabo Sailing — your one-stop sailing company for that one-of-a-kind boating experience.


Cabo Sailing also offers private charter vessels, Catamaran, Yacht, fishing boats, and more, which can be customized to our guests’ requirements.

Our mission is to make your holiday simply a unique one!

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