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Cabo adventures and blog for informationn and suggestions in Los Cabos, Mexico.  If you are coming to Los Cabos Mexico enjoy the tourist information, news and stories in this blog.

Live Your Moment with Cabo’s Ultimate Cruises!

Live Your Moment with Cabo’s Ultimate Cruises!

Live Your Moment with Cabo's Ultimate Cruises! Start your day by celebrating remarkable moments by creating unique memories with your ...
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Sailing Fun Activities in Los Cabos

Sailing Fun Activities in Los Cabos

Sailing Fun Activities. Are you dreaming of going somewhere where you can unwind and bask under the sun? Then, Los ...
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Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon Planning Tips in Cabo San Lucas

Honeymoon Planning Tips in Cabo San Lucas. Are you planning something different from every vacation that you have ever experienced ...
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yacht wedding

Get Married in A Yacht in Los Cabos

Yacht Los Cabos for an amazing wedding Yacht Los Cabos for a fantastic destination and a tropical-themed wedding promised to give ...
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Happy Family

Planning a Superb Family Reunion on your Yacht Rental

A family reunion cruise in one of the most exotic places like in Cabo San Lucas Sailing, Mexico will delight ...
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cabo yacht rental

Things to Enjoy in Your Cabo Yacht Rental

Are you planning on a sailing trip to Mexico? Then, it would be best if you headed to the west ...
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Yachting destinations Mexico

Top Yachting Destinations in Mexico

Top Yachting Destinations in Mexico The top yachting and sailing destinations in Mexico for the yacht and sailing lovers. With ...
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Los Cabos Fishing Charter

Cabo Yacht Rental

What to Consider before your Cabo Yacht Cruise Ever imagined yourself standing at the edge of a yacht and just ...
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Cabo Sailng Adventure Recommendations

With new posts every week to help you enjoy yacht rental Los Cabos even more.   Adventures from other tourist in the area who have gone with cabo sailing.

None the less Mexico has a rich sailing and yachting life.  With different destinations for amazing site seeing in the surrounding oceans of Mexico.  Making for great boating adventures.


Playa del Carmen boating with all the c0lors and rich sea life of the Caribbean.  All of it makes for great snorkeling, yacht and boat tours, and amazing fishing.

Puerto Vallarta yachting with different destinations to embark with your yacht rental.  Delighting not only local tourism but international tourism as well.

Where ever you go to Mexico with the ocean you will find a great sailing and yachting culture.

The different adventures in Los Cabos Mexico

  1. Cabo Sailing to enjoy a full day out in the ocean with cocktails and amazing cuisine under the sun.
  2. Whale Watching tour for a majestic event that happens in Los Cabos.  During the season it is the top activity and adventure to do here.
  3. Fishing in Los Cabos for sport or for the adventure of catching a good fish to eat.  It is a great place for it, with many different types of big fish to go after.
  4. Sunset Tours for a romantic evening or just with loved ones drinking your favorite cocktails.  A great tour to enjoy a glass of wine out in the ocean.
  5. Snorkeling in Los Cabos is a great activity for all of the families with different sea creatures to see.
  6. ATV and Four Wheeler Tours to go into the dry desert mountains of Los Cabos to enjoy an adventure day.
  7. Shopping adventure through the main strip while stopping for drinks along the way in different bars.
  8. Horse Back Riding through the beach another great adventure to do.  Straight out of a movie with different horseback riding tours and routes.