How to Plan the Best Cabo Booze Cruise

There are many ways to celebrate good moments together with friends and family. Other people opt for function halls and dinner buffets. A group of friends would prefer going to clubs. If you want to make your gathering extra fun and exciting, an ideal option is to go out on a Cabo sailboat Booze Cruise.

Planning that ultimate trip may be difficult at first. There are things to consider before booking your trip. If you aim at giving the best booze cruise in Cabo, you should start your plan with these general questions:

What do you want?

It is a straightforward question. What do you want in your booze cruise in Cabo? Of course, there is going to be a lot of booze, but what are the other activities? The initial phase of planning is somewhat the most challenging part. Identify what the event is all about. Is it a party for your friends or college buddies? Will there be families and children around?

Another thing to consider in a Cabo booze cruise is the theme. Once you have determined what the event is all about, you can quickly think about other activities you want to include. By forming that list, you can also inform the crew to help you with the preparations. You can also have a heads-up on other kinds of staff needed like a host or DJ.

Who is attending?

Take note of the expected guest. Your menu and activities will also depend on the kind of people attending the event. In most booze cruises in Cabo San Lucas, unlimited access to the bar along with light snacks are provided. You can also ask your guests ahead of time if they have allergies or might as well consider the common allergen.

What is your itinerary?

Once you have figured out what the event is all about, you can get into more specific details. What kind of a yacht should you get, and when should it board? Most of the best booze cruise in Cabo happen by sunset. Guests can enjoy the sight of dusk from the deck and later enjoy amazing beats at night. Standard booze cruises take four hours of partying, but there is always an option for a long night.

Where do you want to go?

Most people who book booze cruises don’t focus much on destinations. On the contrary, the places you choose are just as important. There are more activities you can enjoy in a booze trip. If other people are not that much of a fan of booze or partying, they can enjoy sightseeing at Cabo’s famous arch, Land’s End, and Sea-Lion colony. 

The best snorkeling areas are in Cabo. People can jump off the boat to the turquoise sea. All our yacht cruises have the most excellent snorkeling and diving equipment, providing the best underwater experience in a Cabo booze cruise.

Various Events you can Celebrate

A booze cruise Cabo San Lucas is open to all kinds of occasions. As guests enjoy each other’s company with unlimited drinks and upbeat music from guest DJs, this type of cruise is also enjoyable to events such as the following:

Romantic outings & anniversaries. If both of you have a thing for upbeat music and booze, then you can spice up the night with a booze cruise in Cabo.

Reunions. Are you meeting with old buddies? Why not make that reunion a blast by going back on how you used to have fun back in the good old days?

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party. Make the last day of the groom or bride-to-be a memorable one. 

Weddings. Who says weddings should still be traditional? If the couple prefers, they can celebrate their wedding reception with a bit of booze and music.  Cabo sailing on a booze cruise or for any private celebration is priceless.