Have you ever gone out snorkeling? Ever want to feel what it’s like to swim along with the fishes?

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Get the best experience with Cabo Snorkeling. It’s an excellent snorkeling excursion with a rich sea environment and other activities you can have during the entire trip.

Fun and easy snorkeling experience

Being able to take a glimpse of underwater life is one of the most thrilling feelings of all time. Looking at the fish in a bowl or aquarium is one thing, but having to look at them up close is far different. Even greater and more adventurous experience is getting to dive deeper into the thousands of colorful tropical fish. Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas lets you see corals and marine life much closer. 

Adults can choose to have an easy snorkeling package or a professional diving session. Either way, snorkeling in Cabo is safe. You don’t need to worry because every snorkeling service has top-quality equipment and professional divers to assist you.

Kids can also have a wonderful time in the sparkling turquoise Sea of Cortez. Life vests are provided, and a professional guide is always on the look-out for these kids. Families can enjoy fantastic snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas with group packages and family-friendly tours.

Activities you’ll enjoy

Also, in Cabo snorkeling, it’s more than just a simple diving experience. Families and adults alike can enjoy many travel and water-related activities.


There two types of cruises people can enjoy — the morning or mid-day cruise and the sunset cruise. Morning cruises are about three hours long. The same duration for the mid-day cruises which also includes lunch, snorkel equipment and unlimited access to the bar. As for the sunset cruise, it is about two hours long when shared and about three hours long when booked for private use. This includes delicious snacks and unlimited access to the bar.

Sailing and sightseeing

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Families and friends can choose the kind of yacht they want for the trip. There is a wide range of choices. They can have a 30-feet sailboat or a 46-feet cruiser yacht, depending on the occasion and the number of people joining. 

Cruises also include a fantastic tour. When you are snorkeling in Cabo, you can also go sightseeing in Pelican’s Rock. Located in the sheltered Cabo San Lucas Bay, this place is filled with sea lions, frigates, and pelicans. A good thing about this place is that it’s just fifteen minutes boat ride away from the marina.

Your sailing and snorkeling can’t be complete without a little swimming. Luckily, there are two white-sand beaches you can visit. Santa Maria and Chileno Bay are famous and safe for children and adults alike. When you have your private cruise, you can easily take a side trip to these beaches.

Delectable post-snorkeling menu

Unlike other snorkeling experience, you won’t go hungry with this one! For shared cruises, passengers can enjoy tortilla chips, Mexican snacks, sandwiches, and fresh fruits. You can modify and request for a different kind of menu. A vegetarian option is also available for both shared and private cruise.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling

Beginner’s guide and snorkeling takeaways!

Totally new to snorkeling? You don’t need to worry about Cabo snorkeling. But if you want to be more careful, check out these simple tips:

Check your gear first. Make sure they are the perfect fit and that you can move comfortably while wearing them.

Research about the ocean condition. The clear, calm Sea of Cortez is entirely safe. However, you can also ask your guide on how deep the water is or if there is any water current you should expect. 

Keep calm and keep floating. Exhaustion is the absolute killjoy when it comes to snorkeling. Swimming may take some effort, but you don’t need to exert too much. Keep your muscles relaxed and let the ocean help you float. 

Be a steward of the environment. Refrain from touching the fish, corals, or any creature. Help preserve a healthy marine life.

Pause and appreciate it. Life under the sea is not something you see every day. Take the time to bask in the sight of colorful corals and fishes. Experience the life around you and have fun while you are at it.