What to Prepare for a Cabo Sunset Cruise

Don’t you just love sunsets? Most people admire how the sun touches the earthly horizons, creating a mix of pink, blue, and orange of different shades. What makes these sunsets even more beautiful is when you experience it on a cruise. 

Cabo Sunset Cruise has one of the most beautiful sunsets. The crew makes sure your cabo sailing experience is perfect down to the littlest detail. Hence, sunset cruise Cabo San Lucas offers snacks and the beverage of your choice while basking in the sunset. Aside from that, you can enjoy other sailing activities before and after sunset. 

As for the sunset cruise in Cabo, guests don’t need any sailing experience. They can rely on the trusted and highly experienced crew for all the sailing needs. Most cruises take up to two hours whether they are shared or private trips. Each type of Cabo sunset cruise offers unlimited access to a wide selection of premium beverages and a complimentary snack of their choice. A Cabo sunset dinner cruise is also a popular request, especially for romantic events and other special occasions. 

Every type of cruise has its own special offers. In sunset cruise Cabo San Lucas, they have two major trip types:

Shared cruise

The departure is approximately two hours before sunset. In this trip, the crew takes the guests to the Tip of Baja, giving them a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Guests can choose their snacks from the menu. They can also request a Mexican or vegetarian diet with an additional charge. A shared sunset cruise is an ideal option for double dates or intimate group gathering as it allows not more than 14 guests.

Private cruise

The departure is approximately three hours before sunset. There are more places guests can go on a private cruise. They can visit the beautiful rock formations at the Land’s End and the infamous “El Arc.” Similar to the shared cruise, guests are taken to the tip of Baja where it’s the perfect place to have front Rock formations at Land’s End and to the infamous “El Arco”.

  • The tip of Baja is the right place to witness the perfect sunset
  • Perfect for a special occasion for family and friends
  • Also, offer romantic dinners
  • They have the option for an extended trip
  • During the summer season, they make stops for swimming and snorkeling

What makes sunsets in Cabo extra special?

  • Sea of Cortez beaches
  • You have front row seats to the most spectacular sunset
  • Sip of cool wine or any drink of choice while watching the sunset
  • Enjoy amazing beat of guest DJs
  • Mexican and vegetarian menu available
  • Additional requests for special events
  • Towels and other toiletries are provided by Cabo sailing
  • Romantic dinners
  • What to do before the trip
  • Doublecheck your itinerary
  • Do a little research (to get the best out of your experience, discover sailing hacks and tips you didn’t know about)
  • Prepare the things to pack (buy a new bathing suit and other things you need for the trip)
  • Do a little exercise
  • Contact friends and other guests

What to pack

  • Bathing suit, flip flops or any flat shoes and a change of clothes 
  • Sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Depending on the season, you can never be too careful. Usually, the trickling heat of the sun diminishes after 5 pm
  • Bring a scarf or a light jacket since it gets chilly once the sun is down and maybe a bit colder later at night.
  • Insect repellant just in case it’s not a windy night and if the area is prone to mosquitos
  • Waterproof pack for your personal essentials. This means making sure your personal documents such as IDs, passports, and cash are kept dry and secured.
  • Bring dinner clothes. It might get a bit fancy and might as well get prepared to dress up for the night.

Bonus tips for sailing

Prepare your camera. Have it in full battery. Make sure it has enough memory space. Bring along waterproof phone cases. If you have underwater cameras, bring those along with you in case you would want to go swimming or snorkeling.

Bring a hat. It looks good in the sailing trip. Make sure it has a strap

As for footwear, you can bring along flip flops or flat shoes. Once you’re on board, you can go on barefoot.

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There is no better place to enjoy a sunset than in Cabo San Lucas.