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Cabo Yacht Rental

What to Consider before your Cabo Yacht Cruise

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Ever imagined yourself standing at the edge of a yacht and just looking at the vast sea horizon? Ever wanted to go on a romantic yacht cruise and be like Jack and Rose from Titanic? Have you always dreamed of getting your family on that island and snorkelling trip? Imagine no more. You can make those dreams into reality.

When it comes to Cabo yacht charter, most people think it is a luxurious trip only for celebrities. However, this stereotype is entirely wrong. Anyone can enjoy a yacht cruise and snorkelling adventure with Cabo Sailing

The Sea of Cortez in the southern shores of Cabo San Lucas is a paradise for every snorkeler. Its marine life and sea condition are just right for beginners and professionals alike. With yacht rental in Cabo, you can enjoy a more thrilling adventure since you can go to different snorkelling areas in just a few hours.

Cabo yacht rental offers 42’ and 46’ cruiser yachts that are available for either a public or private tour. And it is not just an ordinary cruise. It is the ultimate water experience for friends, romantic partners, and families. Every booked yacht cruise is packed with underwater activities, unlimited bar, Mexican snacks, vegetarian menu, an experienced crew, and visits to the most beautiful beaches. You can enjoy all of these and even more at very friendly Cabo yacht rental prices.

Are you excited to book your yacht cruise and snorkelling trip? If this is your first time, there are a few things to consider before making that call.

Choose a yacht type

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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or reunion, it is important to choose the kind of yacht that would fit the occasion. You also need to look into the number of expected guests. If it’s a private event, then a 42’ yacht rental in Los Cabos would be enough. But if you are managing an event as big as a school reunion, then there are 46’ yacht cruises also available.

Create an itinerary

Guests get the chance to create their itinerary once they book their yacht cruise. Once you opted for a sailing trip, you surely have a few planned places to go in mind. Cabo yacht rental offers an extensive list of destinations. Aside from going to different snorkelling areas, you can go sightseeing in Land’s End, Cabo’s famous arch, and Sea-Lion colony. You can also visit the famous beaches nearby after the snorkelling activity. 

Once you have determined the places you would want to go, you can refine the specific activities of your trip. When will your cruise start? Is it going to be a morning trip? Are you in it for the sunset? You can create a list of activity by the hour and share it to the person-in-charge of the cruise. 

Determine the budget

Yacht rental Los Cabos is open for all types of budgets. Check how much you would spend on the trip. If you are booking with a group, decide on the costs that each of you is going to split.

Ask about the crew

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What would the staff be like? Do they have enough experience? What language do they speak? You can decide what kind of crew would accompany you during the entire trip. It is best to choose well-experienced staff who would be ready for any situation in Cabo yacht charter. You can also have a say on whether they are smartly dressed or casual-looking, depending on what makes you comfortable.

Pick a menu

Guests should never go hungry on a cruise ship. You can bring a personal chef or pick from an existing list. A complimentary snack comes along with any Cabo yacht rental, but if you prefer a heavier meal, you can choose from their menu and add an extra payment. Also, take note of other guests and their preferred diet. Others may be vegetarian or may have allergies.

Option to extend

What happens if you would want to make the trip a bit longer? Negotiate an option whenever you would want to add extra hours. Discuss how you can extend the cruise and its payment options if you have decided just in the middle of the trip.

Yacht rental in Cabo has made it possible for friends and families to have the best cruise and snorkelling experience. While you are on your trip, make sure to