Clandestine Adventures on the Sea

Clandestine Adventures

Clandestine Adventures. With stunning crystalline waters and beautiful stretches of oceanfront, Cabo San Lucas is the ideal destination to spend time on a yacht.

Clandestine Adventures on the Sea

It’s the top destination to enjoy and unwind for you to take a break in this digital age.

Plan and gather your friends, colleagues, and family and book with us a top-quality charter on a luxury motor yacht or cruising prestige sailboat for a day out on the sea.

You can freely negotiate for a captain to provide mouth-watering foods, non-stop entertainment, and any onboard accoutrements or amenities you’d like. Book a private sun-soaked experience in sailing for a picturesque adventure you’ll never forget.

Enjoy Our Top-Notch Service

If you’re in Cabo San Lucas for any occasion that our guests prefer, don’t hesitate to book private Cabo yacht tours for you with your companions.

A day spent sailing the coast, enjoying our tropical drinks and beverages and having an expert captain and best crew providing our best amenities is a fantastic experience you deserve while you’re on your vacation.

Our luxury yachts, sailboats, catamarans, offers the ultimate setting for other special events, like tropical-themed wedding, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and family occasions. Where you can let the breeze take you to stunning attractions around Cabo while sailing onboard.

Private Experience

There’s nothing more exciting than getting out into the sea, With tons of festivities and recreational activities that you only experience with us in Cabo yacht tours.

Enjoying the moments together with your loved ones in a private yacht is a great way to express your gratitude to one another.

Explore secluded spots to have some quiet moments to wander and unwind escaping the reality at your dream moment in your vacation.

Our commitment to providing our guests to have their experience enjoyable and suits the things they planned on their vacation. We ensure that our credibility boosts up for us we continue to provide top-notch that you can experience with us in Cabo Sailing.

Budget Travel in Cabo 

Planning an adventure here in Cabo on a budget? There are many exclusive budget tours to enjoy this beautiful place in Cabo Sailing.

Group boat trips, budget-friendly water activities, and stand-up paddleboarding are affordable activities to partake in a while on your dream vacation.

When planning your budget trip, be sure to check that your dates don’t coincide with holidays that drive up prices, and booking with us is the best choice that you could ever wish for. In addition, you can relax and enjoy without any doubt of making your dreams come true.

Live Your Moment with Cabo’s Ultimate Cruises!

Live Your Moment with Cabo’s Ultimate Cruises! Start your day by celebrating remarkable moments by creating unique memories with your friends and family. It’s already an integral part of everyone to experience and seize the moment in a spectacular way. Whether it is to go hiking, enjoy some delicious food, grab a drink and many more. If you want to venture yourself impeccably and marvellously, then it is right to go out on a Cabo Booze Cruise. Still not convinced? Prepare your stomach as we fill that with spontaneous moments of awesomeness and Live in an idyllic rhythm of live music and feel the scenery sound of the waves.

Make it More Exciting!

Cabo Sailing deals with the ultimate way of boat partying from the busy city. Over the crystal clear waters, you can expect fantastic views, savour every sip of unlimited drinks and grab a bite of the delicacies or cuisines. If your goal is to make it a unique and memorable one, then it’s time to plan your Cabo Booze Cruise. With your style and preferences, you can undoubtedly achieve uniqueness in celebrating good memories with your loved ones. It may be difficult at the start but don’t worry, we are here, ready to serve you on board!

Things to Consider Before the Ultimate Trip

The Attendees. Note down who’s attending with you on your trip. Always remember that the expenses and the menu on foods and drinks vary depending on the said attendees. There are also activities depending on the number of guests available. Therefore you need to choose wisely!

The Place. 

Decide where you want to go on this trip. There are many places you can sail along, and in there you can enjoy the marvellous water under the sky. Get off the tourist traps and take your party to the next level. Navigate through the magnificent place & truly create memorable experiences in Cabo Booze Cruise under the sky.

The Occasions & Activities. 

Plan the perfect mixture of new activities as the party goes on. Cabo is renowned as one of the best snorkelling areas in Mexico. Also, with our amenities, you can grab unlimited drinks as you enjoy with your guests with a piece of party music and dances that would certainly entertain the guests. There are plenty of occasions you can spend in Cabo Booze Cruise, whether to celebrate occasions like anniversaries, bachelorette party, weddings and reunions. Activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming and many more are some of the best activities you can take along while on board. 

The Itinerary. 

Part of the things to be considered is the itinerary for your trip, which is very important. Decide on every small detail and the date of your Cabo Booze Cruise. Choose the perfect yacht that would match what you wanted. Organize all your travel information, including flight schedule, route, maps, directions, weather conditions to avoid conflicts and misunderstanding.

The Budget. 

Avoid trips during the school holidays because this is the period when the agency would increase the prices. Once everything is ready figuring the date, time and place, then it’s the right time to figure out the total or estimated expenses or loans. Be budget-friendly, and you should know when and how you use your money. You can also set a maximum and minimum amount of money used for spending. 

Choose What’s Best for You!

Discover new friends, the party under the sun and even during sunset. It is now the perfect time for your Cabo Booze Cruise! With the ideas as mentioned earlier for planning your trip like no other, you can have an exciting and fantastic day. Book your experience with us today and you’ll surely won’t miss a thing. Book your trip here in Cabo Sailing to make it a more memorable one. Don’t hesitate to reach us for further details as we are glad to help and serve travellers around the globe with fun, excitement and give informative details about the area. See you there!

Live Your Moment with Cabo’s Ultimate Cruises!

Things to Enjoy in Your Cabo Yacht Rental

Are you planning on a sailing trip to Mexico? Then, it would be best if you headed to the west coast of Mexico, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, you will find loads of things to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas. From yacht tours to private Cabo yacht rentals. Cabo is known for stunning beaches great for water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving, aside from catching the sun rays you would also enjoy the vibrant nightlife, no wonder many boating enthusiasts flock to Cabo San Lucas.

Due to Cabo’s great geographic location, the city flaunts its tropical weather and warm winters. If you are thinking of having a yacht tour in Cabo, then the best time is from June to July, and October to December. 

At Cabo Sailing, we are delighted to share our some of the best things to do in Cabo, whether you’re thinking a yacht tour with family and friends or sail with your loved one with our range of yacht rentals Los Cabos

Astounding Sunset View and Whale Watching in Playa Solmar

Solmar is worth visiting for the spectacular sunset views, and also for beachfront whale watching during the winter months, or you can rent a yacht. But, this isn’t the best time for swimming, the currents are fierce here. So, enjoy the sunsets, but stay away from the water. Nevertheless, the views are indeed stunning and instagrammable.

Snorkelling Fun at Playa Chileno

Another tourist spot that is worthy of being included in your list is to visit Chileno – another famous beach in Cabo San Lucas, mainly if you rent a Cabo yacht. An ideal place to anchor your yacht and plunge into the water for some snorkelling adventure. You can also rent umbrellas and bask under the sun or stroll offshore.

Sun-kissed at Playa Medano

Do you like the sun and the beach? Then you must sail your Cabo yacht rental to Playa Medano. Medano offers gorgeous beaches for you to be sun-kissed and enjoy the pristine water with great surrounding views.

Cruise to San Jose del Cabo

Why not make the most of your Cabo yacht rental and cruise to the neighbouring island like San Jose del Cabo. Explore the city and be astounded with its 18th-century Spanish colonial architectural buildings, diverse artist stands and colourful markets. Also, check out San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary with 200 bird species that live in tranquil.

If you are looking for yachts either for yacht tour or private yacht, check out our free stuff & monthly specials!

Top Yachting Destinations in Mexico

Top Yachting Destinations in Mexico

The top yachting and sailing destinations in Mexico for the yacht and sailing lovers. With amazing and yet different scenes in each location to see.  From a Caribbean side in the Riviera Maya with turquoise color oceans and white sands.  Also to the pacific with darker blue and majestic creatures to see in the waters.

Yachting destinations Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo Yacht and Sailboat Rentals to explore, live and create an unforgettable yachting vacation experience.

Snorkelling alongside amazing fish and manta rays or a fishing day out under the sun for a great yacht trip.  Also, going on a whale watch tour to see the majestic event of whales coming down to the Pacific for a great show.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

With trips to Isla Marietas, which are two Islands where you can snorkel with turtles.  Protected eco-park where you can also see the hutch back whale and other seawater species.

Las Animas a beautiful beach in the south part of Puerto Vallarta with a port to anchor in.  The beach gives you a chance to enjoy some bars and restaurants of local Mexican food.   Also, to enjoy a bit of time on the beach and the sun before yachting back.

Casitas Maraika an almost virgin beach full of romanticism that sweeps off local tourists as much as international tourism.

Riviera Maya

In the Riviera Maya, you also have amazing reefs and destinations on Cabo yacht rental.  Close to Playa del Carmen, you have Reef Ihna full of colourful fish, turtles, and manta rays for a great boat rental trip.

Cancun also has its beauty with the Whale Shark, that comes to these waters in season.  Snorkelling with this gentle yet huge creature is a magical experience.

Mexico Yachting and Sailing

Yachting destinations in Mexico rich in unforgettable memories and experiences.  Whether snorkelling tours or yacht rental for the regular tourist or a yacht master.  Mexico will blow your mind with its ocean’s beauty and culture.  Not just great food but great fishing and great reefs to indulge in the world of yachting and Cabo sailing.


Cabo Yacht Rental

What to Consider before your Cabo Yacht Cruise

Couple on Yacht

Ever imagined yourself standing at the edge of a yacht and just looking at the vast sea horizon? Ever wanted to go on a romantic yacht cruise and be like Jack and Rose from Titanic? Have you always dreamed of getting your family on that island and snorkelling trip? Imagine no more. You can make those dreams into reality.

When it comes to Cabo yacht charter, most people think it is a luxurious trip only for celebrities. However, this stereotype is entirely wrong. Anyone can enjoy a yacht cruise and snorkelling adventure with Cabo Sailing

The Sea of Cortez in the southern shores of Cabo San Lucas is a paradise for every snorkeler. Its marine life and sea condition are just right for beginners and professionals alike. With yacht rental in Cabo, you can enjoy a more thrilling adventure since you can go to different snorkelling areas in just a few hours.

Cabo yacht rental offers 42’ and 46’ cruiser yachts that are available for either a public or private tour. And it is not just an ordinary cruise. It is the ultimate water experience for friends, romantic partners, and families. Every booked yacht cruise is packed with underwater activities, unlimited bar, Mexican snacks, vegetarian menu, an experienced crew, and visits to the most beautiful beaches. You can enjoy all of these and even more at very friendly Cabo yacht rental prices.

Are you excited to book your yacht cruise and snorkelling trip? If this is your first time, there are a few things to consider before making that call.

Choose a yacht type

Fishing Boat

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or reunion, it is important to choose the kind of yacht that would fit the occasion. You also need to look into the number of expected guests. If it’s a private event, then a 42’ yacht rental in Los Cabos would be enough. But if you are managing an event as big as a school reunion, then there are 46’ yacht cruises also available.

Create an itinerary

Guests get the chance to create their itinerary once they book their yacht cruise. Once you opted for a sailing trip, you surely have a few planned places to go in mind. Cabo yacht rental offers an extensive list of destinations. Aside from going to different snorkelling areas, you can go sightseeing in Land’s End, Cabo’s famous arch, and Sea-Lion colony. You can also visit the famous beaches nearby after the snorkelling activity. 

Once you have determined the places you would want to go, you can refine the specific activities of your trip. When will your cruise start? Is it going to be a morning trip? Are you in it for the sunset? You can create a list of activity by the hour and share it to the person-in-charge of the cruise. 

Determine the budget

Yacht rental Los Cabos is open for all types of budgets. Check how much you would spend on the trip. If you are booking with a group, decide on the costs that each of you is going to split.

Ask about the crew

marina los cabos

What would the staff be like? Do they have enough experience? What language do they speak? You can decide what kind of crew would accompany you during the entire trip. It is best to choose well-experienced staff who would be ready for any situation in Cabo yacht charter. You can also have a say on whether they are smartly dressed or casual-looking, depending on what makes you comfortable.

Pick a menu

Guests should never go hungry on a cruise ship. You can bring a personal chef or pick from an existing list. A complimentary snack comes along with any Cabo yacht rental, but if you prefer a heavier meal, you can choose from their menu and add an extra payment. Also, take note of other guests and their preferred diet. Others may be vegetarian or may have allergies.

Option to extend

What happens if you would want to make the trip a bit longer? Negotiate an option whenever you would want to add extra hours. Discuss how you can extend the cruise and its payment options if you have decided just in the middle of the trip.

Yacht rental in Cabo has made it possible for friends and families to have the best cruise and snorkelling experience. While you are on your trip, make sure to