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Clandestine Adventures on the Sea

Clandestine Adventures

Clandestine Adventures. With stunning crystalline waters and beautiful stretches of oceanfront, Cabo San Lucas is the ideal destination to spend time on a yacht.

Clandestine Adventures on the Sea

It’s the top destination to enjoy and unwind for you to take a break in this digital age.

Plan and gather your friends, colleagues, and family and book with us a top-quality charter on a luxury motor yacht or cruising prestige sailboat for a day out on the sea.

You can freely negotiate for a captain to provide mouth-watering foods, non-stop entertainment, and any onboard accoutrements or amenities you’d like. Book a private sun-soaked experience in sailing for a picturesque adventure you’ll never forget.

Enjoy Our Top-Notch Service

If you’re in Cabo San Lucas for any occasion that our guests prefer, don’t hesitate to book private Cabo yacht tours for you with your companions.

A day spent sailing the coast, enjoying our tropical drinks and beverages and having an expert captain and best crew providing our best amenities is a fantastic experience you deserve while you’re on your vacation.

Our luxury yachts, sailboats, catamarans, offers the ultimate setting for other special events, like tropical-themed wedding, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and family occasions. Where you can let the breeze take you to stunning attractions around Cabo while sailing onboard.

Private Experience

There’s nothing more exciting than getting out into the sea, With tons of festivities and recreational activities that you only experience with us in Cabo yacht tours.

Enjoying the moments together with your loved ones in a private yacht is a great way to express your gratitude to one another.

Explore secluded spots to have some quiet moments to wander and unwind escaping the reality at your dream moment in your vacation.

Our commitment to providing our guests to have their experience enjoyable and suits the things they planned on their vacation. We ensure that our credibility boosts up for us we continue to provide top-notch that you can experience with us in Cabo Sailing.

Budget Travel in Cabo 

Planning an adventure here in Cabo on a budget? There are many exclusive budget tours to enjoy this beautiful place in Cabo Sailing.

Group boat trips, budget-friendly water activities, and stand-up paddleboarding are affordable activities to partake in a while on your dream vacation.

When planning your budget trip, be sure to check that your dates don’t coincide with holidays that drive up prices, and booking with us is the best choice that you could ever wish for. In addition, you can relax and enjoy without any doubt of making your dreams come true.

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