Cabo Sailboats

With a coastline stretching along the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean, Mexico is a place to acclaimed destinations such as Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas, making it a sailor’s paradise. A yacht rental in Los Cabos means glistening waters, a crescent of sand, magnificent sandstone cliffs, and gleaming island sunsets. So, book your charter holiday in Los Cabos now and get ready to cruise and explore around this enchanting island.

Cabo sailboats offer yacht charters of all sizes, whether non-private sailing tours or a private sailboat rental. We have boat charters for occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate retreat, family reunion, or you are in Cabo for your honeymoon.

Cabo Sailboats is the best solution for a great day out sailing in Los Cabos Mexico. If you are into sailing in Cabo, these options will meet any of your sailing needs. Whether non-private sailing tours or a private sailboat rental. There is no doubt you will be enjoying a trip around Los Cabos.

Cabo Sailing

    Sailboat Tours

    What better way to enjoy Los cabos fishing charters then on a sailboat tour. Discover the pristine white sands of the world-class Caribbean islands from the deck of your state-of-the-art private yacht and ride the Pacific Ocean waves and let the winds sail your vacation into one of these great tours.

    Whales Watch Tour

    Thanks to warm weather, crystalline waters, and abundant marine mammals, the Caribbean is achieving international fame as one of the world’s best whale-watching destinations. So, sail now into the most exciting event in Los Cabos during the season of whales. An unforgettable experience to watch the whales, fun for your entire family, and guaranteed whale sightings!

    Sunset Cruise

    Set sail on a yacht ride that will take you around the Los Cabos Channel, where you’ll be entertained to panoramic views of the sunset as you sail. Board our spacious yacht and unwind as you’re taken out into the open waters. Together with our crew, you will surely enjoy the warm sultry breeze and the salty smell of the sea and indulge in cocktails or wine throughout your sunset cruise.

    Booze Cruise

    Enjoy a unique and fun experience at Los Cabos. Jump aboard with everything you need for a great time, including bar stops, astonishing views, music, and more. A private or non-private booze cruise to celebrate important occasions. An excellent idea for a bachelor or bachelorette party or a birthday.  Cabo sailing on a booze cruise or for any private celebration is priceless.

    Snorkeling Tour

    What better way to complete your vacation than to enjoy a snorkeling tour in Los Cabos. Embark on a family-friendly trip to the crystalline waters of Los Cabos and witness different marine life and spot fish like the colorful purple queen or the clownfish, which is famous for kids. This is an all-inclusive experience with food and drinks. Also, in Cabo snorkeling, it’s more than just a simple diving experience. Families and adults alike can enjoy many travel and water-related activities.

    Top Cabo Sailboats

    Want to experience sailing at its finest? Sailing Los Cabos Mexico is one of the top activities to do in the area. Do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the highlight of your vacation. Cabo adventure is a must, charter a private yacht, and sail the coast, plunge into the water, snorkel or enjoy a romantic sunset cruise. Relax, and aboard in our sailing yachts, which is designed for smooth sailing and comfort, this comprehensive experience provides you to explore the natural wonders of Los Cabos while unwinding at sea. We always guarantee fulfilling and enjoyable sail for every one of our guests.  Looking for a yachting experience in Los Cabos? Los Cabos yachts and sailboats rentals always with an option to complete your vacation.

    Sailboats Tours in Los Cabos Mexico

    Sailboats in Los Cabos Mexico are a great option to enjoy the breeze and the sun in this great place.   With different tour options to adventure the Pacific Oceans. Cruise to the best spots for snorkeling or cocktail sunset trip with your loved ones.  Whatever the reason is a sailboat it is a way to relax and take all the beauty of Baja California, Mexico.

    Sailboat Vs Luxury Motor Yacht Rental

    Even though a luxury yacht is faster and usually more luxurious.  A sailboat is to take your time and really feel the waves, the winds, and the scenery.  Taking all of it in through your trip just a lifestyle of enjoyment and sport. A yacht rental Los Cabos. more to get to long-distance faster or to party in a luxury boat.

    Ready to visit Los Cabos?

    Our expert crews can help you plan fascinating trips by simply get in touch with us, and tell us when you’d like to travel, and your plans for the trip. We love to prepare an itinerary for you, which you can improve until you’re delighted with every detail before booking. Our current itineraries can help you decide, but remember that all of our prepared itineraries can be tailored to suit your needs.

    We have a different selection of private yachts in Los Cabos Mexico. Contact us with your details to send you the right options for your group.  Are you going out for fishing, celebrating something or just going on a drinking cruise, let us arrange everything for you!